Civissoft Ltd

Tóth Zoltán – Manager (co-owner)

Tóth Csaba – Strategic director (co-owner)

Tóth Tamás – Marketing executive (co-owner)


The Civissoft Ltd. was founded by Hungarian natural persons in 2011. We want to supply ,continuing the traditions of Belsoft Ltd., correct information to our partners for business decisions at right time. Tens of years of experience behind us in the field of ERP system implementations might entitle us to introduce technologies for existing and prospective partners, that serve our partners at the highest level.

That is why we turn to business intelligence (VisualClasp) in 2013, where based on an analysis of existing information systems can be effective, we can supply vital information to the responsible leaders with our Web-based program.

1994 – Founded Belsoft Downtown Software House ., which began the implement of ERP systems

1995 – First implementation of dBase-based ERP system in Debrecen

1997 – We transformed, so now we’re working on ltd form. The new name: Belsoft Computertechnic Kft.

2000 – For the Y2K problem, we quickly respond with the implementation of Septowin 4 MSSQL-based ERP system, which was a safe solution to our partners

2001 – The implenetation of our ERP system to Tiszántúli Reformed Church District is a new commitment for our firm

2010 -Development and implementation of the first fully self-developed web-based ERP system completed – BelConSys ERP system

2011 – The web-based development and operation of existing systems has been transferred to Civissoft Ltd from Belsoft Ltd.

2013 – CivisCloud Web-based product line development began. The first member of the product family is the VisualClasp business intelligence system

2015 – VisualClasp business intelligence system has been introduced in the market