Every manager dreams of a system that quickly, easily, reliably and transparently can provide information on the status of the company. You can reach this quite natural demand with the implementation of VisualClasp system.

You can complete your existing ERP system with the VisualClasp business intelligence system, and you get a real-time controlling tool , which can extract the necessary information from the existing ERP system.

These data can be displayed within a grid or various graphs, which are side by side. So you can analyze the main metrics of your company blink of an eye. Not only inside the company’s premises, but also from anywhere in the world. Only necessary for safe access and an internet connection is considering the current state of your company’s image in a few seconds even negotiation, exhibition, or during holidays.


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Why VisualClasp business intelligence software is good?

Just because you can quickly and easily download and access to all the data you might need. Since this tool is really useful, because in a given moment of decision we can retrieve information from a data set, which otherwise can be weeks or months necessary to obtain the relevant analysis.

The system is easy to use and quick to learn, so every employee can use it in your business to ensure correct operation and simplify the decision-making staff, preparation of the decision.

The reports are protected by permissions to protect against unauthorized access. Everyone can see only those reports, which are authorized to access.

Multi-database data could be analyzed so it can be create a uniform controlling system in mixed data sources. When the ERP system changes under controlling system, we can continue to use well-known reports, only to do is to adapt the reports to the new ERP system.

The system provides not only aggregate data but also able to show that the aggregate data which kind of elementary data comes from. This is called data mining , which is a very useful tool for revealing the cause in case of unusual data.