Basically, you can choose one of two different working scheme. In the following, we provide information about these, we present the pros and cons of both schemes. We hope that on this basis you can definitely choose your preferred working scheme.

Working scheme – Cloud architecture

The use of cloud architecture enables fast and cost-effective access of the program. You do not have to bother with the installation, there is no need to fine-tune the Web server. Our WEB server experts have carried out for you in the cloud. You only need to focus on reports that help your work.

In the cloud architecture your valuable data will still be in your database, therefore, unauthorized users can’t access them. Only the one who is allowed by you. In the cloud the program doesn’t store valuable data, it stores only the report frame. The content of the report is still in your database, and during running the report it will be transferred in the cloud to the user’s computer memory if the user has appropriate permissions performing queries. So in the cloud program performs only at an intermediate tasks, but your data is never stored there. Only if you so wish!

Opening the database server for internet access, you can adjust to accept only requests from the cloud’s internet address, and prevent unauthorized access.


No installation required
The cloud's resources should be shared with others.
Quick implementation
The database server must be available to the Internet through a special port
You can access the lastest version of the program
Data traffic between the database server and web server depends on the speed of your internet
Fewer resources needed by the user

Access to the database is available only from specified web address

Working scheme – Internal resources

When using the internal resources at all operating conditions should be provided for the user’s servers. Thus, you must install the appropriate web server configurations as well as CivisClasp business intelligence system. The Web server and the database server can be on the same machine or for the Web server you must create a new computer. It depends on the number of users and the database server’s properties.

This scheme’s major advantage is that, if necessary, you can block the Internet access from outside and only the internal network can also be used to perform the analyzes. Use this prohibition if necessary, since so you lose the advantage of running the appropriate reports anywhere in the world by management. Use other defensive tools to achieve a more secure access.


The system resources can be reached on by youThe installation of Web server, CivisCloud framework, including VisualClasp business intelligence system is needed
Suitable for using internet and intranetlThe latest version is only available via update
The program can be stopped temporarily
Any request received from the web address to use the program, it is difficult to control using a firewall against unauthorized intruder
The database server can be used in internal network only
Data traffic between the database server and web server depends on the speed of your internal network